Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Bride Will Be Mistreated

While the others seized his servants, treated them shamefully, and put them to death. Matthew 22:6

Jesus shows us that His Bride, God’s servants, will be mistreated and even put to death in this world until He returns and the Marriage Supper actually begins. Right now in the parable people are being called to be part of the Bride. The Wedding is taking place during this time.

There is coming a time when the Bride as a whole will be violently mistreated. Right now we see bits and peaces of what is to come. With all that is happening over the last couple of years in the world I have been asked a lot is this the end times? The Holy Spirit always has me answer the same way, no, this is just the beginning birth pains. When we see the Bride empowered with the power of the Kingdom, when we see the works that Jesus did and greater works happening through us, and when we see the Gospel of the Kingdom being preached to every nation, then will the end come.

Also, no one is crying out peace and safety right now. They will be saying that before Jesus returns and there will be peace and safety at that time. There will be peace and safety because the Bride will be empowered as we never have before to be used by our Father in the full strength of His might. The world will take credit for it and brag about how they have done it and then sudden destruction will come on them. So no this is not the end times.

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